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I'm a fully-remote Instructional Designer & eLearning Consultant with a secure, dependable virtual-office and over 15 years experience collaborating in today's team's project environments: Agile, Microsoft Team's, Zoom, Skype, Slack, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc. I'm efficient and productive in all these tools and can jump in, ramp up, and be productive in hours, not weeks. As part of the MRC, Inc. consulting group, I provide learner analysis, instructional design and dynamic interactive design, authoring tools development, and work with LMS administrators to deliver your learning projects for some of technology's leading companies, both large and small.


As an instructional designer and eLearning developer, I have over 15 years of award-winning experience designing, developing, and delivering all phases of today's high-impact training programs in Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Department of Defense, and a variety of other industries. For more details on my experience and skills, click below.

Focus on Training

With a Masters of Education (M.Ed.,) and a Bachelor’s in English and Technical Writing (B.A.) from University of South Florida, here in Tampa, Florida, I’ve been building training and education courseware as a full-remote eLearning and Instructor-led Training (ILT) designer for over 15 years. I am well-versed in both traditional and contemporary adult learning theory and instructional design concepts, methodologies, modalities and my specialty is designing high-impact web-based training. My experience includes authoring award-winning eLearning training programs that take advantage of today’s most advanced digital learning tools, instructional design strategies and methodologies, as well as also authoring and delivering virtual and instructor-led classroom courses and corresponding print materials and guides.

Some of my experience and skills to consider for your training project:

eLearning Course Development

Creating custom eLearning solutions offering your learners comprehensive, interactive and dynamic experiences based around SCORM-compliant resources using today’s best digital authoring tools.

Instructional Design

Providing learner analysis followed up with thorough, quantifiable enabling and terminal learning objectives, design documents, storyboards, development, implementation and publishing – these are the foundation for a successful course.

Interactive Development

Working in state-of-the-art interactive development environments, the goal is always to create unique learning solutions that will engage your learners.

Legacy Content Conversion

Hands on expertise offering efficient legacy training content conversion to meet your company branding and functionality requirements – all within fixed time frames and tight budgets.

Audio and Video Creation

Offering a variety of options for authoring audio scripts and providing accompanying voice-over narrations, I can also incorporate 3rd party audio and video content into training projects.

Content QA/Editing/Review

Integrating detailed planning, cohesive strategies, and flawless execution of quality analysis, audio and content editing and functionality reviews during all phases of the project life cycle.

Multi-language and Localization

Offer and apply comprehensive strategies to adapt to multi-language localization and working with vendors who provide these globalization services.

UI/UX and Graphic Design

Giving the utmost importance to ensuring usability and user-satisfaction as well as learnability when implementing graphic design strategies to the learner experience including combining strong UI/UX solutions with a variety of today’s top-tier graphics tools.

Content Authoring

Providing personalized content that is tailor-made to your requirements and meeting all the latest optimization strategies by adapting quickly to any client development and publishing environment.


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About me

I’m Sean Ward, a fully-remote, fully-vaccinated and intrepid traveling (when needed) Instructional Designer (ISD) and eLearning Consultant with over 15 years of experience collaborating and working with remote teams authoring interactive and engaging training programs supporting a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Wireless, Aerospace, Social Media Marketing, Information Technology and Technology Staffing. I’m passionate about how today’s adults are learning and harnessing the power of virtual team’s technologies, web-based courseware (WBT, ILT, Blended) authoring tools, and I have certifications in Adobe virtual collaboration tools with the last decade providing hands-on collaboration while working on and with virtual/remote teams. I am passionate about travel and different cultures and am open for domestic and international travel whenever, and wherever, needed and my remote office is located in Tampa, Florida. As part of the MRC, Inc. consulting group, I am always looking for challenging new projects and am open to 1099 C2C agreements so your company doesn’t have to go through the painstaking tasks of onboarding me as a W2 employee, I can jump in, ramp up, and be productive in a matter of hours – not weeks. My company handles all the taxes, all the paperwork, all the insurance – I’m efficient, accurate, dependable, and can start immediately in most cases.

This was taken recently in Sophia, Bulgaria, at a Learner’s Workshop I was facilitating on SAP SuccessFactors.


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    I get a lot of questions about the resources, software, and design/development methods I use the most, so I thought it would save time if I developed a resource page that I can add and subtract from as my career, and the industry, evolves.

    Full disclosure; I am not an affiliate of any of these products and tools – my goal is to highlight the resources I really enjoy using and many of them happen to be the premier offerings in the industry so I have countless hours using all of these on projects.